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          Data, analytics, and insight leaders need to bridge the skills gap


          Data that drives higher enrollment, more revenue, and closer alignment with the market


          Take a strategic view of what skills your firm will need and how to develop them


          Timely, granular insight to guide workforce planning, job training, and economic development


          Parse, manage, and search resumes, track the market, and uncover hidden talent pools

          Case Studies
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          IT jobs are growing rapidly, especially in non-tech sectors, with 90% of IT skills and jobs concentrated outside the traditional tech industry.
          Trending jobs and skills


          Technology is driving change in the job market, according to a new study from Boston Consulting Group and Burning Glass Technologies.
          skills taxonomy


          Find out how our skills taxonomy powers our products, and how it can provide insight into the job market to employers, educators, and government officials.



          New Study Maps the Digital Skills Canadian Workers Need to Succeed

          A new study finds Canadians need a range of digital and human skills to succeed in today’s job market—and some of the most valuable digital skills are among the most...

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          Case Studies

          Labor Insight Case Study: University of South Florida

          USF asked Burning Glass to analyze 65 academic programs and assess how its current curriculum was preparing graduating students for the local labor market.


          Top News

          News: Free MBA Classes

          Dice: Mathematician: Is This “Hottest” Job Losing Steam?

          Dice uses Burning Glass' NOVA platform to examine month-to-month growth for recently trending jobs such as mathematicians, and systems analysts.

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